Photography Archive Storage Facility

In this period of shifting technology and media, our precious photographs are extremely vulnerable to getting lost or damaged in the shuffle, or simply deteriorating over time. We have identified a sentiment in the Photography community that is shared by amateurs and professionals alike: you care deeply about the longevity of your images, and hope/expect to be able to look at them in 50 or 100 years.


While we trust you've pursued some form of digital backup system for your precious digital images, we urge you to consider a second, physical measure of preservation. Many photographers never produce hard copies of their digital inventory, and therefore are totally vulnerable to the mysterious caprices of technology: if a server is damaged or a hard drive crashes, the collection vanishes. A single scratch to a CD or DVD containing your images can void the entire collection. The technology is so new that we simply don't know what to expect for the long-term future of digitally stored images.

Preferred Media's Photography Department will generate archival quality prints of your digital images that you upload and create a physical archive for you, which we keep and maintain. Not only will you gain increased security, but also a library of your work, which is more than any of the digital photo-sharing services can offer you.


For those photographers whose studios or homes are bursting with precious images that are not receiving proper care, organization or conditioning, send your photos to us. You will have the option of entering each photo into a pre-coded folder that we send to your studio or home, and scanning it with a hand-held scanner (also included in the package we send you) so that each image is already entered into our database before we receive it, and we can begin building your archive and updating it regularly as you see fit.


We urge you to consider our extensive storage and management options, and to take advantage of our expertise as you navigate the changing landscape of photography preservation. Preferred Media's Photography specialists offer long and short term solutions to every photography storage and management problem.

To learn more about the specifics of properly caring for your photographs, visit our Knowledge Centre.