Document & File Storage Facility

Preferred Media has used its pedigree in specialised media to extend premium services into the realm of documents: we are essentially giving what is traditionally known as Document Storage an upgrade.


The reason we offer such extensive service in this department is because our clients have expressed an unmet need for:

  • the security of individual important files
  • access (online & hard copy) to the individual files
  • ability to associate detailed information about each file when logging it, for future reference
  • ability to re-bill clients for 'their' cost of storage (using customized reporting)
  • 'comfort' that the file is accessible with added client comments rather than lost amongst boxes of paper…


Unlike most document storage services, Preferred Media's Premium Document specialists operate a climate controlled, high security haven where each folder is coded and given its own entry into our database. This means that a particular file can be retrieved and dispatched within hours of a request. (Many facilities only code the boxes of files, so a single document can take days to locate.)

Before sending us your documents, files or containers you can register them with us online. This allows you to track the subsequent status and location of these important assets at any time from wherever you are. You can then add detailed notes to any of the files you have registered for your own reference, which helps simplify future searches. Basically, we make it possible for you to have as much or as little involvement with your assets as you want.

We even go so far as to offer a document scanning service so that individual files can be previewed remotely from a password protected website established specifically for the client.


By sending your documents to us, you are not only reclaiming valuable real estate in your own office space, but you are also reclaiming precious psychological space that you might have otherwise allocated to considering the status, condition and whereabouts of your documents.