Custom Secure Storage Solutions


Like a personal time capsule, our Special Items service allows you to collect and organize your most prized possessions in a totally secure environment that is sustainable in the long-term. We recognize the importance of sentimental value, and therefore treat something as simple as a postcard with the delicacy and stringency of a museum archivist.

Preferred Media's Special Items department guarantees that your items will be better cared for, more secure, more organized and more accessible than they would in basic personal storage or at home. Because all of our facilities are already calibrated to accommodate highly specialized media assets, we are able to offer the same maximum quality service and accommodations to an expanding range of assets.


Preferred Media approaches each client's needs with a unique creative discipline. We specialize in adapting to the specific demands of a particular industry, and then extracting lessons learned and applying them across other platforms. We excel at developing flexible strategies that can be appropriated in new contexts. Our services extend beyond the common limits of storage and management: we are also asset mediators.

Because our facilities are so thoroughly climate controlled and protected, we are able to accommodate a very wide range of material. And because our data management system is so finely calibrated, we are able to manage extensive operations. In addition to providing optimal security and environmental conditions for your property, our integrated reporting system allows clients to track and itemize all processes, without having to directly supervise any of it. We are equipped to act as more than a middleman or a cog, but as a full-service distribution center for complex products that require more than just a "box and fill" process.


With a recent, notable increase in natural disasters affecting our planet as a result of Climate Change, people are taking precautions for their families as well as for their prized possessions. Rather than waiting for fire or flood water to damage or destroy your prized items, Preferred Media suggests you consider a safer, more secure and better managed alternative to home or self-storage.

For an idea of our tremendous scope and adaptability, please view a recent Fulfillment Solutions case study.