Entertainment Industry Film & Production Storage


  • Storage of material in secure and climate/environmentally controlled vaults
  • Inventory & tracking management of material whilst in the vault and outside of Preferred Media premises
  • Search, retrieval and dispatch service of video/film material in tight timescales
  • Disposal & destruction services
  • Format Migration Consultations
  • Inventory reconciliations and reviews to ensure redundant material is not continued to be stored


We are so organized that within hours of a request we are able to locate and dispatch your materials, catering to the often unpredictable demands of your dynamic industry. Each asset is carefully logged and can be assigned as much detailed information as the client wishes, making future searches precise and efficient.

Whether it is your main storage facility, or as an extension of an on-site archive, Preferred Media will act as the locus of information pertaining to your assets. Our online database, in combination with our Knowledge Center, is like a virtual concierge service for your assets: at any hour of the day you can check the status of an asset, file a request, or find answers to your questions about maintaining your assets.

Our Film and Television specialists aim to simplify your job and maximize your efficiency: storing elements properly and organizing them carefully saves time and dollars in all directions – it means less time in post production (no missing elements, no long waits, no bungled searches) and more time working on generating new content. It means more time doing great work.

For your most precious archival material, we offer superior redundancy plans, backing up assets across our various international facilities, and, now, in our Underground facility as well.


Having worked for nearly 3 decades with some of the most prestigious and prolific Film Studios and Television production companies, Preferred Media's Film and Television specialists have observed and adapted to an ever-evolving set of formats. We have regulated the environments in all of our facilities so that they represent the ideal conditions for the types of media we store and manage. Our staff has a rich working knowledge of each medium (many employees came to us with backgrounds in Film and Television production), and tends to each item we receive accordingly.

Our Entertainment services are so reliable and calibrated to your needs that concern for the status, condition and location of your assets will no longer be a part of your job. This relief will present itself in multiple facets of your business: you will have more time, resources and energy to devote to generating new content, and your clients and vendors will be impressed by the swiftness and dependability of your assets' arrival at and departure from their premises.