Secure Media Storage Facility Film Corporate Documents

Preferred Media is a global network of specialized media facilities, designed to preserve, protect, organize and make accessible its clients valuable assets. We achieve this through a combination of superior technology and service.

We work with each client to develop a customized package to suit their particular storage and management needs.

Our expertise spans an increasing range of media: Film, Video, Premium Documents, Photographs and other Valuable Items that require special storage conditions. We attract clients from a variety of industries: Advertising, Entertainment, Photography & The Arts, Corporate (paper-based) accounts, and businesses requiring Custom Care such as Fulfillment and the handling of Precious Items.

Preferred Media regards your assets not as objects on a shelf, but as vital instruments of your success that require nurturing and proper conditions. By managing and caring for your assets, we are promoting the health and prosperity of your business as a whole. Our proactive approach has revolutionized the way our clients organize, store and manage their assets -- allowing them to focus their time, energy and resources toward growing their businesses and creating value.

Meeting Your Needs Through Technology + Service

We believe that our superior performance is achieved through the combination of our proprietary technology and our expert staff. Neither of these forces could function without the other – it is a uniquely balanced mechanism.

The Technology

Our sophisticated inventory tracking and management system allows us not only to store and manage a wide range of media assets, but also organizes vast quantities of information associated with these assets, resulting in a comprehensive database. Even our billing system can be customized on a request basis to suit our clients' reporting needs

The Service

Without competent and knowledgeable operators, a powerful system is useless. Our team is comprised of talented, passionate, responsible people with real expertise in archiving specialized media. We've been in business for over 25 years, and many of our employees have been with us for over a decade.

Our staff adheres to a program of continuous improvement and quality assurance. They participate in regular training exercises to keep up-to-date with our ever-improving technology and industry developments, and strictly adhere to Preferred Media's quality assurance and control policies. Many of our employees also have backgrounds in the business sectors with which we deal most, bringing an understanding of industry-specific demands and considerations.

It is through this unique combination of human talent and technology that we are able to confidently and consistently deliver on the following four promises:


Each facility is climate-controlled for optimal archival conditions (approximately 18° C / 65° F at 50% humidity, varying slightly within each facility for the needs of different media types). This is an ideal environment for preserving film, video, audio tape, documents, photographs, memorabilia and electronic equipment. We are an energy conscious enterprise, harnessing where possible the natural advantages of our facilities' climates and locations.

We regularly consult with our clients regarding format migration, ensuring that content stored on obsolete or volatile formats is transferred to safer, more stable options.


Through a combination of highly sensitive and centrally controlled cameras, sensors, advanced warning smoke and fire detection/ extinguishing systems and active/passive theft protection, we take every measure to promote complete security at all of our facilities. Entry is restricted to authorized personnel. For clients looking to back up critical or original assets, we act as a superior redundancy system to whatever storage.


Preferred Media takes a proactive approach to learn the various nuances of each client's business sector and operational needs so that we can create a dynamic storage and management solution that works for them.

Our inventory tracking system, operated by our competent staff, allows us to create customized inventory reports for each client, so that they are always aware of the status of their assets. If a client already has its own cataloging system, we assimilate the two systems so that they can be automatically cross-referenced. Clients can arrange for customized billing, so that their invoices are organized by end-client, thus substantially simplifying their own reporting process. We have the ability to proactively review clients' accounts on a regular basis and provide predetermined assessments of activity.

We have found that organizational needs vary from client to client: from capturing and displaying a client's barcode, to assigning internal department numbers, to something as complex as creating data layers and hierarchies, we approach each challenge creatively and vigorously.


Because we recognize that the collective information associated with assets can be as important as the assets themselves, we give our clients premier access to the data they need. By enabling our clients to choose to what extent they wish to engage with their material once it is in our hands, we are helping them improve their businesses in ways that extend beyond the simple storage and management of their assets: we are facilitating efficient operations in all aspects of their business. Often regarded as 'back office' functionality, we believe that presenting our clients with thorough reports, queries and billing information helps them do their jobs, and highlights the power and flexibility of our system.

Any item can be located, retrieved and dispatched within hours of a request from any of our facilities anywhere in the world. Clients also have the option of making requests and reviewing their inventory at any time on a personalized, password-protected website created specifically for them.

Facilities are operated Monday - Friday, 8AM - 6PM, with staff available on request after-hours and on weekends via an emergency access phone number.