Preferred Media | New Jersey

2043 83rd Street
North Bergen, NJ 07047
t +1 201 869 6255
f +1 201 869 8339
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Assets Accepted

We accept assets related to: Advertising; Film; Video Premium Documents; Photography (film, camera equipment, slides, prints) Precious Items such as memorabilia, scrapbooks, letters; Special Items such as medical equipment, props. . .

Services Offered

  • Storage of material in secure and climate/environmentally controlled vaults
  • Inventory & tracking management of material whilst in the vault and off-premises
  • Search, retrieval and dispatch service of video/film material in tight timescales
  • Disposal & destruction services
  • Format Migration Consultations
  • Inventory reconciliations and reviews
  • Detailed logging / organization capabilities for future reference and billing purposes
  • Fulfillment solutions
  • Long-term and short-term storage capabilites